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Sunset Kayak

Alaska-raised, New York-educated and trained, now Los Angeles-based audiobook narrator with an authentic, bright, and clear sound.




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RomCom_1stPerson_F/M Dialogue_An Awkward Bookshop Meetup
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Non-Fiction_1stPerson_Narration_The Women of the Supreme Court
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Growing up in a small Alaskan town, I survived the epic winters by immersing myself in theater and dance. In college and beyond, I pursued acting and dance in New York. After a few years of honing my acting (and as it turned out, waitressing) skills, I took a sharp turn and went to law school and moved to California.


     As a media/entertainment attorney in Los Angeles for over a decade, I've worked as an executive at companies such as NBC Universal, Roku, and Netflix. My legal experience has trained me to be very thoughtful with my words, which in turn makes my narration clear and compelling. My law career also gave me extensive experience at managing deadlines, collaborating with teams, and overseeing complex projects.


     As a mom of a spirited boy, I can easily voice all the love, hilarity, exasperation, and empathy that comes along with parenting. I can also adeptly tease out the subtle humor in a funny book,

and I always nail the punchline. 

     I bring polish, professionalism, and enthusiasm to every project


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Life is a study in contrasts.


Raised in arctic Alaska by a college professor, sex therapist (my father) and a true Southern belle (my mother), I could as easily be found riding dog sleds and building snow caves as I could be sipping sweet tea and pretending to be Scarlett during our sojourns to stay with my mother's family in Georgia.

Needless to say a southern drawl come naturally, and my creative training in ballet and theater provides me with the skills needed to portray and narrate a wide range of characters and genres from sci-fi to romance to historical fiction.


With a law degree and extensive experience as an attorney, I also excel at narrating legal thrillers, murder mysteries, legalese, and all manner of technical books.


I'm crazy about my family (a boisterous son, a Canadian husband, and a chocolate labradoodle), skiing, dirty martinis, and long distance running (proud finisher of one of the most challenging marathons

in the US, the Alaska Equinox).



My voice has been described as bright, clear, and compelling. Whether your project calls for a curious consumer, compassionate mom, or quirky teenager, I can deliver exactly what is desired.


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